The Witch king lives in Angmar. He is the master of the Nazgul ; he was once a great king but then was deceived by Sauron. He was given a ring which gave Sauron the ability to control him; after Sauron made his MASTER ring. The Witch King killed King theoden, and Sauron remained in control of the Nazgul ; until the ring was destroyed in the Third Age. He does not have a face he is not a man nor women. For he is nothing but a shadow creature; but should Not be underestimated. He stabbed Frodo on Amon Hen. During the third age he was a very powerful weapon, for Mordor , and their armies.

Will 8/10
Skill 10/10
Good 1/10
Evil 9/10
Reckless 4/10
Courage 8/10

Overall Rating 8/10

Lotrrocks 17:04, May 8, 2010 (UTC) The Witch King of Angmar.